Educational Animal Programs/Petting Zoos in the Heart of Texas

You may have seen an animal at the zoo, but did you get to touch it, feel it, smell it and interact with it up close and personal?  Here is a great opportunity to offer your students, children or event participant, a once-in a-lifetime experience with unique animals from around the world.

ScreenHunter_205 Sep. 22 10.50What We Do:  Zoofari provides educational exotic animal programs and petting zoos for schools, camps, fundraisers, community organizations, churches, and conservation programs in Austin, San Antonio and the Hill Country. We tailor each program to suit your organization’s goals and mission. Through our programs, children and adults alike, get an up-close and personal experience with animals they may have only seen from a distance.

Program Benefits: There is abundant research on the benefits of children interacting with animals, but the proof is in the kids themselves. On seeing and interacting with one of the Zoofari Animals, children become captivated and inspired to care. They become transfixed, a quiet overcomes them, and all cares, worries and distractions dissolve. From this point on, their focus is on learning about and connecting with the animals.

By tuning in to an animal’s feelings of wanting attention, love, food, companionship and respect, a child can grow up into a caring adult who can more intuitively tune in to other people’s feelings as well as develop a vested interest in nature and the animal world.mwzoofari1

To find out more, call Laurie at 512-496-7861, write us at, or visit us on Facebook: Zoofari Animal Outreach.


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