Zoofari Updates and Highlights

Whoops! We’ve been so busy we haven’t updated the blog in awhile. Many apologies and welcome back!

Zoofari Animal Outreach continues to bring its unique brand of exotic, mobile petting zoo and animal shows to schools and events around Central Texas. Kids learn by experiencing a customized,  zoo experience set up specifically for the each organization’s environment.

Steve and the team guide the kids as they take in, learn about, and interact with  animals from all over the world in a safe setting.


Mother and son visit with a young kangaroo in Fredricksburg, Texas, during a Wounded Warrior event. 

In 2016 and 17, we have focused on the following:

  • Charity events, such as the Wounded Warriors event in Fredericksburg that we have attended each May since 2012.
  • Schools that serve kids with special needs such as the wonderful students of the Foundation Autism School in San Antonio.
  • Public and private schools in the area who cater to pre-school students, such as Lupine Lane School in Lakeway Texas.

Feedback on our program is consistently positive; the kids look forward each year to the time when the animals visit. Kids have enjoyed meeting an array of animals ranging from Patagonian cavies, to kangaroos, to cockatoos, to a beautiful African crowned crane and many more.

We also visit students of all ages Texas public schools, where we bring the animals and the science lessons to teachers and kids. We have created lessons that align with the Science TEKS for Kindergarten through Grade 6 and we are working on more!

Zoofari’s customized program Church programs, fundraisers, and corporate team building continue to grow and develop.


Now booking for 2018/2019 fall and spring events and classes.