We want to thank you again for coming out to Morgan’s Wonderland over Spring Break! It was so awesome to see all those kids enjoy your very entertaining show! Your animals are amazing! We wanted to see if you would be willing to come back to the park to have another show? “

Morgan’s Wonderland Staff Member

By looking at your audience I would say you had a good 200-300 people watching your show. I can tell you that our staff was VERY impressed with your performance. This was our first time having animals in the park, and it was very successful!

Morgan’s Wonderland Staff Member

The Warriors and Family Support Center at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) have seen the good work that Steve is doing and are very excited about bringing the show to BAMC for the benefit of the Warriors’ children.

Warriors and Family Support Center Board of Directors

What a wonderful program! Steve and the team are doing a world of good for these kids. To me, the program at our Rotary club was the hit of the year…

Hugh Fuller, President Rotary Club of Fredricksburg


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